NBA All-Star Draft could have been something special

The NBA All-Star draft could have been something great. They decided to switch things up this year and have the top two vote-getters pick teams.

On paper, it was a nice idea but then they announced that the draft would not be televised. That took all the fun out of everything.

On Thursday night the All-Star starters were announced with Steph Curry as the captain for the West and LeBron James as the captain for the East. LeBron had more votes so he gets the first pick in the draft but nobody will know who he picked first. Even worse they have to pick from a pool of 8 players because these players have to start.

Rather than doing that the NBA should have announced the top vote-getters. They could be acknowledged for having a lot of votes from the fans. But the coaches and media should have picked the reserves or the other All-Stars. Players should no longer be allowed to vote for the All-Star game because they don’t care about it.

Instead of announcing starters and forcing the captains to pick from a pool of 8. All of the players should have been in the draft and the captains should choose from all of them. That way we would get some more interesting starters.

What if only 1 starter switches sides? That’s pretty boring.

Honestly since LeBron gets the first pick he either chooses Giannis or Kevin Durant.

I hope the teams will be:

LeBron – Durant – Davis – Harden – DeRozan

Steph – Giannis – Embiid – Irving – Cousins