LeBron's Decision

LeBron is expected to meet with Pat Riley in Vegas. I expect LeBron to make a announce his decision after the World Cup. He will talk with Bosh and Melo to let them know what he plans to do. Things will get moving behind the scenes and then all the pieces will slowly fall into place.

I expect Bron to tell Riley that he can’t carry the Heat like he did last season. He will tell him that he will sign a three year deal with an opt out clause after two years. This gives LeBron the chance to compete for another title in Miami. After telling Bosh his plans, Bosh will take the deal with Houston. Bosh wants to play with LeBron but I don’t think LeBron will sign for as many years as Bosh. The Heat will ask Bosh to take a big pay cut so he will go get his max money in Houston.

LeBron will sign a 3 year deal at his max which I believe is $20.7 million. He will have an opt out clause after the 2nd season. Melo will join LeBron in Miami, he will sign a 3 year deal at $19 million with an opt out clause after two years. Wade will sign for 3 years $15 million and Haslem will sign for 3 years $9 million. I expect Miami to be over the cap this year. They have Cole and Napier in the backcourt. They added McRoberts and Granger. They should try to add Wesley Johnson or Xavier Henry as another big young wing. If they want to space the floor they should go after Anthony Morrow and even Vince Carter. They should try to add Jermaine O’Neal and Emeka Okafor. Okafor missed last season so his value will be very low.

Two-Three years is enough time for LeBron to keep his eye on the Cavs and see if Wiggins becomes a good pro. Bron can also see what the Cavs new coach is about and if Kyrie grows with him. Miami’s title window will still be open so he has a chance to compete for a title with his good friend Carmelo. I think Wade will retire after his deal at 35. He was due to make $42 million before he opted out so I think $45 million over 3 years is a good deal. He would still have a chance to add more rings with the Heat. Carmelo could choose to stay and play with Wade while trying to add another star player or he could opt out and leave. If he stays then the Heat will be his team and then he could recruit players so that team can stay competitive.

Again this is just speculation on my part. I just wanted to get my thoughts out there before a story breaks. What do you think will happen? LeBron literally controls the fate of a lot of players. I think he will make the best decision for himself but also allow the other players to get paid.