LeBron has Options...Duh

LeBron James’ agent has met with multiple teams. Why is anyone surprised? James is a free agent and he has to keep his options open. The Heat are on the clock just like every other team that has cap space to pursue James. They don’t need a homerun move by adding Melo or Bledsoe; they just need to add a few players that LeBron can work with.

I like the approach LeBron is taking this time around. Instead of meeting with all the teams, he is letting his agent do all that as he takes a much needed rest with his family. The pressure is really on Pat Riley to bring in some talent. They will have to make one hell of a pitch to Pau Gasol if they want to get him to Miami. He would have to take a big pay cut and I don’t think he will. The Heat need to figure out how much of a pay cut Wade and Bosh are willing to take so they can start adding some players.

I don’t think Shawn Marion is the answer at age 35. There are other younger serviceable players out there but they don’t have the same track record as a Shawn Marion. I don’t think any member of the big 3 will sign a contract unless they bring in at least two other free agents. Wade and Bosh might adjust their pay request depending on which free agent comes in. They need younger wings that can stretch the floor and a big man. If they somehow get Gasol I think Bosh will take less than his reported $15 million. If they add low level talent I don’t expect Wade or Bosh to budge.

If LeBron goes back to Miami it will be for two years with a one year opt out. He wants to keep his options open at all times. He will want to see if Wade really comes back in better shape and plays in more games.  He doesn’t want to carry this team in every game of the season and the playoffs. There haven’t been any big surprises this free agency but any LeBron news sparks some interest.