Rose needs to recruit

The Bulls can add a big talent in free agency again and Derrick Rose does not want to help out again. In the summer of 2010 Rose didn’t want to recruit anyone to join him in Chicago and I can understand that. He wanted to do it with his guys in Chicago and he wanted to compete against everyone. He won MVP that year but the Bulls lost to the Heat, a team that came together to win titles.

After the big MVP season, Rose only played in 39 games during the shorten season before getting hurt in game 1 of the playoffs. He missed the next season entirely and played in 10 games last year. When asked if he was going to recruit anyone this summer, he said “If they want to come, they can come.” I’m sorry but Rose needs to go recruit because this team needs help. They will play hard every night for Thibs but they need more firepower if they want to win a title.

Some people look at Rose as the best player on the Bulls but after only playing in ten games the past two seasons I think the best player on that team is Joakim Noah. Noah pitched the idea to Melo during the All-Star break; he understands the Bulls need more firepower if they want to get over that hump. I know Rose is the silent type and he doesn’t recruit but if he wants to win; he needs to recruit other guys.

We don’t know how good Rose is going to be this season. I hope he comes back with no setbacks. If he wants the Bulls and the city of Chicago to have a chance at winning a title he needs to recruit Carmelo Anthony. If Rose gets hurt again the Bulls can lean on Noah, Melo and Gibson instead of Noah, Gibson and some other not so talented guys. They lost Rose, traded Deng and still made the playoffs. We know coach Thibs will get the best out of his players so I believe the more talent he has the better his team will be.

Rose also said it’s not his job to recruit players. His job is to play basketball but he hasn’t done much of that lately so he might as well try his hand at another job. Recruiting can only help the Bulls and he might be the difference in landing a big name free agent or the Bulls flaming out in the 1st round again.