LeBron's Max

I know the big 3 opted out but now LeBron wants his max value. He deserves it, in his 11 year career he has never been the highest paid player on his team. We know he was the only one balling in the finals last year and he is worth more than $20 million a year but how does this help the Heat add more pieces? 

I thought the big 3 would all take pay cuts to win. How much of a pay cut are Bosh and Wade willing to take? We know they want to bring back the big 3 and Haslem because they all opted out. This team needs to get younger and deeper. They can’t do that if LeBron takes his max value. Adding Vince Carter or Shawn Marion looks good on paper before the season starts but those guys are old. The Heat looked old against the Spurs because they had a bunch of old wing players chasing young shooters around the court. 

I really don’t understand this move by LeBron. Maybe he will sign for fewer years, I don’t know. I know they are giving Pat Riley time to make some moves but what can he offer these free agents? Most of the free agents can get more money elsewhere so why would they want to go play for the Heat? Okay playing with LeBron is a factor and you may get more playing time if Wade is rested throughout the season. Veterans are willing to take pay cuts to win titles and the Heat had plenty of veterans last season. Those guys were gone by the finals; they couldn’t keep up at all. They need young legs to go along with the big 3 not more old bodies. 

I don’t know what Pat Riley has planned but it has to be amazing if he is targeting Lowry, Deng and Ariza. There are guys out there that can help the Heat; but they might not have enough money to get all the guys they want.