Kyrie Reups

Is Kyrie’s max deal a good thing for him? I know a player wants to be the franchise guy and lead a team for a long time but that doesn’t always work out, especially with the Cavs. Kyrie should of took a page out of LeBron’s book and signed a 3 year deal. 

LeBron’s Cavs teams were at the top of the league in the regular season and they made the finals once. When it was time to re-up with the Cavs LeBron signed a 3 year deal so he could keep his options open. It turns out Wade and Bosh did the same thing and signed 3 year deals with their respective teams. Carmelo Anthony was the only one who wanted his money and signed a 5 year deal. 

Fast forward and we know the LeBron and Bosh joined Wade in Miami. Carmelo Anthony was still on the Nuggets, a good team who had the number 1 offense in the league. He wanted out, he forced his way out instead of waiting to become a free agent. Will the same thing happen to Kyrie Irving? The Cavs don’t have the best track record with adding talent to help their star player. 

The Cavs have constantly been in the lottery. Sure adding lottery pieces around Kyrie sounds like a good thing but the Cavs have missed on most of their lottery picks. I won’t knock Bennett because he had a lot going on last season but Waiters and Thompson are not that good. Just think instead of picking Thompson they could of taken Klay Thompson, a Morris twin and the 2013 Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard. Instead of taking Waiters they could of taken Andre Drummond or Harrison Barnes. 

The Cavs got Andrew Wiggins in draft. They have a young team in a bad Eastern Conference so this is the year they should make a run to the playoffs. They have a new coach to guide Irving, Wiggins and Waiters. How happy will Kyrie be if the Cavs are back in the lottery the next 2 or 3 years? Will he try to force his way out after a few more losing seasons? Always keep your options open when you’re dealing with an organization that is not used to winning.