Day 1 of Free Agency

Day 1 of free agency is over and none of the big names did anything besides Carmelo visiting the Bulls. The visit seemed to go well as Noah, Coach Thibodeau and even Derrick Rose made an appearance to convince Melo to join them.

I read reports that Derrick Rose actually worked out for Melo to show him that he was healthy. Well good for you Mr. Rose, I’m glad that you decided to recruit a fellow player. I know Rose is a shy kid and he doesn’t want to recruit other guys but he needed to do this because Melo can help them.

In other news Jodie Meeks reached a deal with the Pistons, 3 years $20 million which seems like a lot for Meeks. I’m more excited to hear that Shaun Livingston reached a 3 year deal worth $16 million dollars with the Warriors. We all know what Livingston went through after that devastating injury. He deserves to earn some money; he played really well for the Nets last year. Livingston changes the Warriors because he isn’t a long range shooter. The pace of the game will change when he’s on the court. He’s a very good defender and the Warriors can throw out some good defensive units whenever Curry is in foul trouble.

Marcin Gortat reached a deal to stay with the Wizards. For a guy who was traded right before the season started a year ago he played well for the Wizards especially in the playoffs. I don’t think they overpaid for him because he fits well next to Nene. If they can resign Ariza and add another guard the Wizards will be contenders in the East.

Melo is on his way to Texas, the Nets might get Hollins to coach the team and we are all waiting to see what Pat Riley can do in Miami. Hopefully we will see more big deals or some shocking trades.