Champion Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs are the world champions. We all know what happened in game 1 with LeBron and their mental mistakes in game 2 but they simple dominated the Miami Heat. I’m not surprised the Spurs won but I am surprised at how dominate they were in doing so.  

The most shocking thing about this season is the way the Spurs bounced back. They could taste the champagne in game 6 last year. We all know what happen after that. The Heat found a way and won that game. We expected the Spurs to get blown out in game 7 but they still had a chance. They lost and we counted them out again. Maybe that was the end of the Spurs and their title hopes. They were so close in two close out games on the road. Maybe they were too old and they needed change. 

We should have known better to count the Spurs out. They bounced back with force. They dominated the regular season winning 62 games and having the best record in the league. Pop experimented with his lineups throughout the year just to get the other players more comfortable. He played small ball, he played big, and he rested his stars so other players could get some experience in case they were needed in the playoffs. It all worked and they were heavy favorites to win the West and the Championship.  

They had a tough seven game series against the Mavericks and then they dominated the young Blazers. The Thunder had Westbrook but lost Ibaka and the Spurs ran them off the floor. OKC headed home and Ibaka returned. They beat the Spurs in games 3 and 4. People wondered if this was 2012 all over again when the Spurs won the first 2 games at home but then lost four straight to the Thunder. We all wondered if the Spurs would have an answer and they did, beating the Thunder by 28 points in game 5. The Spurs were great at home but could they win in OKC? Game 6 was the best game of series. The Spurs had a big 3rd quarter, followed by a big 4th quarter by the Thunder. It went to overtime and the Spurs shut down the Thunder, won the game and headed back to the NBA Finals. 

The journey wasn’t complete yet as they would be facing the Miami Heat once again. Predictions for this series were all over the place. Spurs in 7, Heat in 7, Spurs in 6, Heat in 6…these were the two best teams in basketball and they deserved to be in the Finals. If you had any doubts who were the best two teams, game 1 showed you. It was a thing of beauty, the passing, the shooting, and all the things we love about basketball. The conditions were bad, Bron cramped up and the Spurs blew the Heat out. Game 2 was another great game this time Bron played in the 4th quarter, finishing with 35 points and 10 rebounds. It was split, heading back to Miami and basketball fans were screaming “It’s going seven again”.  

The Spurs had other plans. They blitzed Miami in game 3 and before you knew it the game was over. The Spurs were hitting everything and breaking records along the way. The Heat had no chance, no shot and no answer s in game 3. The Heat slipped up but we all expected a bounce back game. The Spurs proved it wasn’t a fluke and destroyed the Heat again. Fans were in disbelief; the Spurs went on the road and dismantled the defending world champs twice. The Spurs were never excited; they needed to finish the Heat before they could celebrate.  

We all expected a big game from Bron in game 5. He came out doing it all as the Heat played well early. The Spurs didn’t want to go back to South Beach and they slowly chipped away at the lead. Before you knew it they held the Heat to 11 points in the 2nd quarter and took a 47-40 lead into halftime. The 3rd quarter started slow for both teams but then the Spurs got rolling and there was no looking back. They were up 20 and the Heat couldn’t stop them. The Spurs did it; they were NBA Champions once again. 

Again I’m not surprised that they won I’m surprised by the way they bounced back and dominated all the way to the title. We know they are an older team and they were so close last year. They never lost focus, they always believed in each other and they showed that great team basketball will beat a great player every time.