What should the Lakers do now?

LeBron, Carmelo and Bosh have all signed with their respective teams. Those were the 3 big names in free agency. Lowry, Gasol, Gortat, Ariza have all signed with their respective teams. The Lakers did not get any of these players. They still don’t have a coach and now they are just filling out their roster.

They missed out on some of the big players this year. Eric Bledsoe and Greg Monroe are still names that the Lakers can go after but they are restricted free agents. They can target Lance Stephenson, give him a two year deal and see how he likes Los Angeles. They resigned Jordan Hill to a two year deal and Nick Young to a four year deal. They added Jeremy Lin on an expiring contract.

It seems like they won’t do a sign and trade for Boozer which could help them this season and it is an expiring contract. Their focus should be on the 2015 and 2016 free agency period. If Kevin Love is traded he will be off the market for next season. He is the big name for next season that the Lakers really want to target. This season should be about molding Julius Randle and showing that Kobe can still play at a high level.

I think the Lakers could have landed a big name player if they had a coach already. It seems like they will hire Byron Scott and that is a good pickup. I don’t know why they are taking so long with this process. He will challenge Kobe and should help Randle and rookie guard Jordan Clarkson.

There are some serviceable guys out there but no one that will make a big impact to help this Lakers team. They won’t go into the season thinking about tanking but if it’s not looking good by the trade deadline they should tank. Their 2015 pick goes to Phoenix but it is top 5 protected and the 2017 pick goes to Orlando. They got a 1st round pick in the Jeremy Lin deal but it won’t be a high pick because the Rockets will be a playoff team.

The Lakers usually get their guy. They got Kobe, Shaq, Gasol and Howard. People usually want to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. They are coming off their worst record in franchise history and they might have another losing season. The Lakers don’t rebuild, they retool but it is taking a little longer than usual. They will bounce back eventually but it might be after Kobe retires and they will need a new star to carry the touch of the Laker’s legacy.