Melo is Back

Carmelo Anthony is back with the Knicks. I can’t knock the guy for taking the big money and wanting to stay at home in New York. It’s a great place to play and live. The max offer was five years for $129 million; however Melo will likely sign a five year for about $122 million.

The Knicks won’t win next season. They can’t really add any players because they have Melo, Amar’e and Bargnani contracts. Amar’e and Bargnani contracts are off the books next season. The Knicks will have money to play with and they can use Melo to attract people to New York.

New York is a great place to play so free agents will want to go there. If Kevin Love does not get traded they can target him. If LaMarcus Aldridge does not resign with the Blazers they can also go after him. They will most likely go after Grizzlies center Marc Gasol when he becomes a free agent next season. He would be a nice fit next to Melo. A center that plays defense and is a great passer will fit in the triangle.

The Knicks should be championship contenders in the next two seasons. Melo is playing in an attractive market and his team will finally have some money to work with so they can add players around him. Melo has not had the chance to recruit players to New York and I think he will do his best to get talent around him.

I don’t know if Melo’s game will change in the triangle but I know what he brings to the table. He does take a lot of shots but I don’t blame him after watching the Knicks play last season. Maybe this year he won’t take 20 shots a game next year. He should try to be more of a playmaker, become a more efficient scorer. It’s surprising but he’s never had more than 300 assists in a season. He’s a scorer but the players that averaged over 25 ppg last season, Durant, LeBron, Love and Harden; they all had over 300 assist last season.

I’m not saying he should change his game but he does have the ball in his hands a lot so at times he needs to just move the ball and see what happens. His defensive effort has improved over the last few seasons. Last season he had a career high in total blocks (51) and rebounds per game. The effort is there to compete and win a title in New York.

He was right to trust Phil Jackson. The addition of Wayne Ellington and Jose Calderon stretch the floor for Melo. They have some nice young players that could grow next to Melo in Cleanthony Early and Tim Hardaway Jr. If JR Smith finds his game again he can be an asset for the Knicks going forward. If they add a big name next season and even target Kevin Durant in 2016 the Knicks will be a scary team in a few years.