What's Next for Wade?

LeBron James is going home. He is finally returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers and he wants to win a championship with them. This is by the best sports story. Now Carmelo Anthony will go back to the Knicks, Bosh most likely with head to the Rockets but what happens to Dwyane Wade? Oh he will go back to the Heat, most likely signing a longer deal to get back that $42 million dollars he opted out of.

How will Dwyane Wade finish his career? He was on a maintenance program because LeBron could carry the Heat in every game. He played in 56 games to manage his knees and help the Heat win 16 games in the playoffs. He looked good early but really bad against the Spurs when it all mattered. He did nothing when LeBron was in foul trouble against the Pacers. He did not have the energy to carry his team to victory.

So now that LeBron is returning to Cleveland and Bosh is leaving town, does Wade have enough left in the tank to take the Heat to the playoffs? The roster is still incomplete but they do have cap room to bring in some players. How good will the Heat be next season if Wade can’t play in back-to-back games? How good will the Heat be if Wade is forced to throw up 20 shots again? Who can the Heat convince to join Wade?

LeBron is going home, Bosh is going back to his home state, Melo is home in New York, what if Wade goes back home to Chicago to finish his career? He won’t get $42 million but he does get a chance to play at home and he would take some pressure and attention off of Derrick Rose. This would be the biggest shocker in free agency. Wade is still a very good player but we don’t know how his body will hold up for a whole season now that he doesn’t have LeBron to lean back on. It will be interesting to see what pieces the Heat can add to help Wade throughout the season.

If he walks away from the money to return home, the Heat will be in the lottery next season. They have a lot of work to do if they want to compete for a playoff spot even in the weak Eastern Conference. They don’t have a complete roster, and with LeBron’s decision they are left with more questions than answers.