Westbrook Out for Team USA

Russell Westbrook has quietly taken his name off the team USA roster. He has had three surgeries on his right knee. He missed some time during the season but he was back for the playoffs albeit on a minute restriction.

This is a good sign for the Thunder and maybe even for Team USA. Westbrook will get a lot of rest and he needs it. He plays with so much energy and power. He came back after multiple surgeries and help lead the Thunder to the Western Conference Finals. He will be back stronger for the Thunder and he might be the key to getting them pass the Spurs.

Team USA is stacked at the point guard position. Losing Westbrook hurts because he is a defensive energy guy. There will be plenty of players to step up and get a chance to shine. Derrick Rose is a guy who has had plenty of rest and could benefit at the training camp.

Derrick Rose should make a commitment to Team USA for training camp. I know he wants to be healthy for the Bulls but he hasn’t been able to play in a while. After playing with Team USA in the FIBA tournament in 2010 he returned to the NBA and became a MVP. Rose needs the competition, whether or not he makes the roster. Playing against Curry, Lillard and Irving would be great for his mentality and his conditioning. The Bulls can still limit his minutes when he returns but competing in real games before the pre-season could help him in the long run.