How will they announce their Decisions?

At this point in free agency we have no idea what Carmelo or LeBron will do. Most people believe Melo will go back to New York. LeBron’s decision is up in the air at this point. I’m more interested in how each player will present their decision.

The decision that LeBron made back in 2010 will forever be remembered. Carmelo can’t do it that way, so no television special. Carmelo will most likely tell some reporters and then have a press conference later on in the week. He will say he loves New York and he wants to win in New York. Phil Jackson has made some good moves, but Melo couldn’t walk away from all that money. It’s still a rebuilding process in New York and I hope Phil brings in the right pieces so Melo and the Knicks can compete for a title.

How will LeBron announce his decision? Will he let it come out while he’s on his way to Brazil for the World Cup Final? Will he just post it on his website? Will he just let his agent tell some reporters? At this point he has handled this the best way possible. In 2010 he met with multiple teams at his office in Cleveland, and then he had a television special that didn’t go so well. This year his agent met with all the teams and he met with Pat Riley and other brass from the Heat. I think LeBron is still unsure what he wants to do.

I think LeBron will let Bosh know when he makes up his mind. I still don’t think it will be a long term deal if he goes back to Miami. Waiting for the decision is exciting, so many different reports and people all around the league unsure what this one man will do. It’s amazing that this one athlete has so much power. I think he will announce it while he’s on his way to Brazil. The decision 2.0 won’t be a big television special but it’s already bigger in many ways and we will talk about it until the start of the season.