Does anyone like the NBA Christmas jerseys?

Christmas is a big day for NBA fans. There are five games on that day starting at noon.

The league has tried implementing “special” Christmas jerseys recently and none of them have worked.

I have no idea what the NBA is thinking with these jerseys. They have no Christmas spirit or special designs.

In 2012 the league went with “Big Color” uniforms. Basically they were just single color jerseys. They were okay but still plain. It’s Christmas the jerseys should be really unique.

The Christmas Jerseys for 2012. "Big Color"

Last season the NBA decided to go with “Big Logo” sleeved jerseys. The player’s number was moved from the chest to the left sleeve. These were some of the ugliest jerseys ever.


This season the league is going with regular looking jerseys with a twist. They will have centered logos and number with first-name nameplates on the back.

Honestly it’s a step up from the sleeved jerseys but they are still not good enough. There is nothing that says Christmas. This is the biggest day of the regular season and yet the jerseys are not up to par.

Maybe the league should drop the normal color scheme for each team and go with something new. No sleeves though. I don’t want Christmas colors but something that stands out from the standard color scheme.

What do you think of the Christmas jerseys? Do you think the league should try something completely different next year?