Wiggins and Parker struggle in their debuts

The top two picks in the draft struggled in their first game. The number one pick Andrew Wiggins finished with six points, three rebounds, two steals and four turnovers. Jabari Parker finished with eight points, four rebounds and one steal.

More importantly both of their teams competed and had a chance to win the game. The Timberwolves were in the game late against a very good Grizzlies team. They ended up losing by four points. The Bucks were actually winning late against the Hornets but Kemba Walker hit some big shots to steal a win.

Neither rookie came out shooting the ball that often. In fact Wiggins only played in 19 minutes and took five shots. He got into early foul trouble and when he picked up his fourth foul in the third quarter he did not return. He only got the start because Kevin Martin had an ankle injury. The Grizzlies are a very good defensive team and he is expected to struggle.

Parker played for 37 minutes but only attempted nine shots. He was going up against a team in the Hornets that was very good on the defensive end as well. He was not very aggressive and that’s okay considering it was his first game.

Although neither rookie had an impact on the game; both games came down to the wire. It was only one game and they will contribute more as they get more comfortable. They did not force the issue by throwing up shots. It’s all a learning experience, we will see highlights from both players soon enough.