Lakers don't take threes, lose Randle to injury

How bad get it get the L.A. Lakers this season? Julius Randle, their first round pick broke his leg in the fourth quarter. The Lakers just seem to have bad luck, another year and another big injury. The roster is not deep so every player is valuable.

On the court he only played 14 minutes, taking three shots and hitting one of them. I was hoping he would earn minutes as the season went on and he would make a run for the Rookie of the Year award. Randle is only 19 years old and will be able to bounce back eventually.

It was only one game but the Lakers looked bad. Everyone struggled as they were blown out at home. The Lakers were able to get to the free throw line which kept them in the game. However their lack of three point shooting led to the blowout.

The Lakers only attempted 10 three pointers, hitting three of them. The Rockets love to shoot three pointers and they shot 29 threes, hitting 12 of them. That’s a 36-9 advantage from beyond the arc. Three point shooting wins basketball games in this league. In the first game of the double header the Spurs shot 14-28 from behind the arc.

I don’t how often Kobe will be able to will the Lakers to victory. He was alright in 29 minutes last night. He was able to get to the line eight times which is good. He didn’t take over 20 shots like I thought he would.

Three of the six teams took over 20 three pointers last night. The Pelicans were the only team to win their game but they took 17 threes. Last season the teams that made the playoffs who didn’t take a bunch of three pointers had a great defense. The Lakers don’t have that so they need to shoot some threes.